Creative Nobility May 5, 2017


Flatlay photos are all the rage right now – and we are all about it!

There are so many tips out there on how to make the perfect flatlay photo: neutral backgrounds, bright white lighting, filters, placement, not overcomplicating it, plenty of white space, shoot from above or from the side, have it go in a diagonal direction and trying your best to make it unique. Truth is, there are no rules!

Take a look @flatlays and you will see some incredible examples of the best flatlays on Instagram.

(By @davidgrr)

It’s no secret that your content is going to be the most important part of growing your Instagram following. Beautiful pictures are the main tool you’ll use to get real engagement from real people. Offer a beautiful feed and a great experience and you’ll be sure to grow those followers organically.

However, you can increase your reach and have your content seen by the most amount of people by using flatlays. Having so many different items/products/delicious things to eat allow you to use more relevant hashtags and you can tag the companies that make those products. When you use relevant, less popular hashtags, your photos show in less saturated searches and your content will stay near the top for longer. This allows you to reach more influencers, broaden your audience through hashtags and get the most bang for your buck.

(By @sunshinedaydreamblog)


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