Creative Nobility July 5, 2017


Change Your Environment So It Inspires You

Whether it’s your home office or your work office, the state of our environment can really impact our mental state. If it’s messy and cluttered, it can stress us out and make us feel unorganized. If it’s clean, filled with artwork and photos that inspire you, it can really impact your level of creativity.

Think About Distant Things or Places

Scientific American published an article about Psychological Distance and its relationship to our level of creativity. Traveling to, or even just thinking about distant places and our future, are all things we are distant to which allows us to interpret them in ways that differ from anything in our present moment.

Challenge Yourself

Setting restrictions for yourself can boost your creativity because you are not going with the path of least resistance. A famous example of this is Dr. Seuss and Green Eggs & Ham. He wrote the book in less than 50 words after betting that he couldn’t.

Make Lists

Making lists by hand can be very helpful in your process. Writing a list of 100 things as they come to mind, with no judgement or evaluation until after, can help you think of things that may not have initially come to mind or lead your train of thought in a different direction.


Engaging in new things and, of course, the discussion that happens between creatives can be invaluable for idea creation and brainstorming. You may hear ideas you wouldn’t have thought about, or it may take you in an unexpected direction.